50 reasons to be happy

How much do we need to be happy? Lots of money? An expensive car? Or rather simple everyday things? Although I haven’t had any time recently to write about anything the idea of writing this appealed to me so much that I forced myself to sit and write this post. I was inspired by a post of Dominika from Kierunek Kuba i reszta Świata (in Polish 😉 and wrote down my reasons to be happy. I only put 38 reasons (which might mean I don’t need that much to be happy). Sometime I will surely complete this list to 50. In the meantime I would like to invite Claire from Maman solo de deux tortillas to participate and write your reasons for happiness.

  1. When the kids let me sleep through the night.
  2. Staring at my sleeping kids after a long day being aware that I have a couple of hours on the sofa by myself watching my favourite series.
  3. The smile of my kids.
  4. Their little successes.
  5. When they go to the grandparents for a few days.
  6. When they are back and they keep walking behind me all the time, they kiss and hug me telling me what they have been doing.
  7. When I am in a beautiful place and the lighting is just perfect for a beautiful picture.
  8. When the temperature and cloud made a perfect conditions to take a beautiful picture of a sunset.
  9. When I get a flight offer to a place I have dreamt of visiting.
  10. And when I find a very good hotel in that place at a reasonable price.
  11. Chilling rain after many weeks of a hot weather.
  12. When the 4 of us are packing and we get in the car to go somewhere nice and beautiful.
  13. Cosy bed and a fluffy pillow after a long journey.
  14. When my monthly closing matches straight away and there is no need to look for discrepancies (that my job 😉
  15. To go to a restaurant with a friend and being able to enjoy my favorite meal without the kids, knowing that the chair will only be for myself.
  16. When during sales I find a beautiful dress and there is only one left and it is my size.
  17. When during sales I find nice shoes and the only pair left is my size.
  18. When the cherries season starts.
  19. The day when I get my salary.
  20. When I buy flight to go to see my family.
  21. The food in my home country.
  22. Delicious herring.
  23. The smell of an apple pie coming out from the oven.
  24. Delicious polish chicken soup..
  25. Fish and coconut rise with a friend banana according to the Colombian recipe.
  26. Coffee smell in the morning (although I dont drink it 😉
  27. The green hills sourrounding Bogota.
  28. My family.
  29. My friends.
  30. I have goals and dreams.
  31. Some of the came true.
  32. Others are about to.
  33. All our travels to so many amazng places.
  34. To get in touch with old friends.
  35. Cheese and wine.
  36. Hot chocolate.
  37. Free upgrade to business on a plane.
  38. When my fitness exercise work.Kiedy ćwiczenia fitness dają efekty.
  39. ___
  40. ____
  41. _____
  42. ______
  43. _______
  44. ________
  45. _________
  46. __________
  47. ___________
  48. ____________
  49. _____________
  50. _______________

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