The Coffee Zone and the Cocora Valley

The Coffee Zone and the Cocora Valley

Cocora Valley is situated in the Coffee Region in Colombia. Its symbol are wax palms – Colombia’s national tree and the tallest palms in the world. Cocora Valley is their natural habitat. These palms only grow in this valley that is situated at a high altitude between 1800 – 2400 meters above sea level. They can be up to 50 meters tall. This beautiful valley can be visited hiking or on a horse.

Usually visitors come to the Valley after visiting coffee plantations in the Coffee Region. Most of the hotels own their own coffee plantations and offer guided tours – you can learn about the coffee process from picking up the seeds to the coffee roasting process wearing traditional clothes. I still remember a huge spider that jumped out from below the huge pot after lighting up the fire. I didn’t have enough cold blood to press the shutter release button to take a picture.

The Coffee region can be reached by a plane from Bogota to one of the three airports – Pereira, Manizales and Armenia. You can also drive from Bogota. The journey may last about 6-7 hours.


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