About Us

Welcome to my blog! I’m Polish, my husband is Spanish, we have two kids.

I was encouraged to write this blog by one of my friends. She was amazed by my stories about our expat life in Colombia and the pictures from our travels across Latin America and she kept saying: ”you should write about it”. At the beginning I was hesitating. I wasn’t sure if I want to write about my personal life and expose my privacy. But my friend told me that it doesn’t have to be like that. One day I bought a domain and created a fan page on Facebook to share our adventures with family and friends.

We went to Colombia with my husband’s job.

The name ”Americas On a Stroller” came to my mind very easily. We used to travel all the time with our kid and the stroller in Colombia and to other countries in Latin America. I kept staring at my little kid sitting on the stroller exploring this amazing continent and it indeed was visiting Latin American countries on a stroller for the little one.

Why do I write in three languages? Because most of my friends and my family speak Polish, English or Spanish. I wrote the first post in Polish but I always translate all of my posts. I hope you will enjoy my stories and pictures! And I do apologize for any the mistakes you may find.