50 reasons to be happy

How much do we need to be happy? Lots of money? An expensive car? Or rather simple everyday things? Although I haven’t had any time recently to write about anything the idea of writing this appealed to me so much that I forced myself to sit and write this post. I was inspired by a […]


Easter in Guatemala

Flower carpets on the streets, some of them being prepared through the night are the main and beautiful Easter attraction in Guatemala. The inhabitants from other parts of Guatemala head to the town of Antigua to witness this spectacular event. The carpets on the street are also being prepared on all Sundays during Lent. Colourful […]



Valparaiso is a colorful city laying on 43 hills. As one can imagine, the walking tours require quite a stamina. We hired a car for a day in Santiago in order to visit Valparaiso and neighboring Viña del Mar and also to stop by at the Casablanca wineries. After entering Valparaiso I felt as if […]



What I was not expecting from Chile is that I would fall so in love with its capital – Santiago. I’m not sure what impressed me so much. Maybe how the tidy and organized the city is, maybe the lack of all day long traffic jam on the streets which is so common in most Latin American capitals. […]


Fruits in Chile

On my first day in Santiago de Chile I went straight to a supermarket to see if Chile has some new exotic fruits. For the first time I was surprised by a wide variety of exotic and delicious fruit in Colombia.  Some of the exotic fruit are not exported to Europe as they would not withstand the […]


Pavements in Bogota

The pavements in Bogota are uneven, bumpy and not stroller friendly. It is not easy to walk on them as they are quite high in some places and there are no pedestrian ramps. A couple of times I had to stop, turn back and look for a better way to continue my walking with the […]


Cartagena de Indias

Cartagena de Indias is definitely one of my favorite destinations in Colombia. I love walking on its colorful and narrow streets, meeting from time to time a Palanquera selling fresh fruit salads. As it is situated on the Caribbean cost it has a hot and humid climate all year long with rainy seasons from April […]


Things to do and see in Bogota

Bogota in one day: I once had a visit of a friend of mine, who on her way to Europe had a stop-over in Bogota. It turned out that the main tourists attractions in Bogota can be visited in a just few hours. Although Bogota, as most of Latin Americas capitals, doesn’t attract many tourists, […]


Little Candles Night

On the 7th of December Colombia celebrates the Little Candles Night. It is celebrated on the eve of the Immaculate Conception, (the 8th of December) which is a holiday in Colombia. It is also the unofficial beginning of Christmas in Colombia. (The truth is that the very unofficial date in just after Halloween, when Christmas […]


Argentina – Perito Moreno Glacier

The name Perito Moreno derives from the explorer Francisco Pascasio Moreno who discovered it. His profession was Perito (expert, specialist in his domain). At first I thought that the name of the glacier was after a Little Brown Dog 😉 but ”little dog” is written with 2 Rs (Perrito) in Spanish. How to get to […]


Machu Picchu with a kid

As almost everyone, I dreamt of visiting Machu Picchu. And living in Bogota – about 3 hours by plane it would be just really bad not to take advantage of it and not going there. There was only one problem. What to do with our 11 kg of love – our 20 months old toddler. […]


I thought I spoke Spanish

I thought I spoke Spanish When I moved to Bogota I knew that there are some words in my Spanish learnt in Spain that should not be used in Latin American countries. I knew that some of the commonly used words in Spain, are insulting or vulgar in some of the Latin American countries, so […]



Aruba – Our dream (not) paradise island We have been dreaming of Aruba for some time already. As it lies on the Caribbean Sea not far from Colombia, just after moving to Bogota we booked the flights. As it was the rainy season in Bogota we felt it would be a good idea to have […]


10 facts about Bogota

Some interesting facts about the city that used to be my home.  (Part 1) 1. Bogota lies at 2640 meters above sea level which means, I have lived at a higher altitude than the highest peak in Poland in the Tatras Mountains – Rysy 2499 meters above sea level. Bogota is the 3rd highest capital […]


Riohacha and the Passport story

I forgot the passport! The flight was departing at 15:15. We ordered a taxi to pick us up at 12 to have enough time to get to the airport through Bogota’s jammed roads. Friday afternoon is the worst time to get to the airport. Since it was a domestic flight we only needed our resident […]

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