The best of Colombia

Colombia. Mostly known for Pablo Escobar, drugs cartels, TV series ”Narcos” and coffee. To me, it is one of the most amazing places I have ever lived. And here is the best of Colombia in my humble opinion:

  1. Colombia lays within different climate zones. The climate varies according to altitude. I call Bogota the city of eternal spring. Due to its altitude 2.600 meters above sea level, the temperature varies little throughout the year (16-22 degrees Celsius) and it is always green. The further from Bogota, in other words at a lower altitude, the temperature increases. On the Caribbean coast it is hot and humid with a rainy season from May to November.
    I felt privileged when as a mom I didn’t have to change the kids’ clothes as the seasons were changing. Once they grew out of them I was buying new ones.
  2. Bogota is always green. Leaves never fall and you can find blossoming flowers all year round. As a result I never felt blue as I used to feel in Europe in winter.
  3. There are no seasons in Bogota. The fact that I don’t have to change the clothes in the wardrobe from summer to winter ones and the other way round is fantastic for me. Can you imagine having spring all year round without cold winters, very hot summers and no hurricanes? I often think I have found a perfect place for me. However, it doesn’t mean that I don’t like basking in the sun, white sand beaches, swimming pools in hotels or swimming in turquoise waters of the Caribbean sea. This is why the next good point of Colombia is:
  4. Proximity to the Caribbean Sea:  2 hours by plane and you are for example on the Dominican Republic. About 3 hours to get to Cuba or Miami. The flight to Panama lasts about an hour. There is so much to choose between. Moreover, you can enjoy a short summer all year round. Even in December or January. Colombia has also some very nice destinations on the Caribbean coast. One of them is my beloved Cartagena de Indias. You can read about it and see some pictures HERE.
  5. Location. Its central location in Latin America makes it a perfect base for holidays and visiting other countries across the continent. The flight to Mexico or to the US (depending on where) lasts 4 hours. In order to go to Chile it takes about 5 hours.
  6. Variety of tropical fruit. One of the tastiest fruit I have ever eaten I found in Colombia. I have tried more than 20. Some of my favorite ones are: Lulo, mamey, słodkie mango, guanábana i guayaba. And if you would like to see what fruit I am talking about you can find some pictures HERE
  7. The Colombians are extremely nice. They are really helpful, smiling and happy. I must admit that it is the opposite of (unfortunately) Madrid. The ease of making new friends especially Colombian moms whenever I was going to the park with my kid is unbelievable.
  8. Home deliveries of almost anything. Who wouldn’t mind to have delivered a bag of salt, a bottle of oil, a bottle of whiskey 😉 or anything you wish. Apart from that you can also get doctors calls even a pediatrician visit. I hade once at home. And it wasn’t an emergency but a simple visit. When I twisted my ankle  a physiotherapist used to come to my home for massages and exercises.
  9. The streets in Bogota have no names. It makes so easy to know where a place is without having to use a map.
  10. The proximity to some of the world’s best known sites/places such as Machu Picchu in Peru where we went for a long weekend once. Going to Quito in Equador to “have a walk” on the equator. A week in Rio de Janeiro or standing below The Iguazu Falls in Argentina are another great options. Shopping spree in Miami or Panama or short holidays in Costa Rica aren’t bad options either.


In spite of the fear before going to Colombia, this country turned out to be amazing. It is true that it has many problems and still a long way to sort them out but I have found so many ways to enjoy it especially thanks to some of the most amazing people I have met there.

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