Cocora Valley

A blanket of fog covered the green hills. The majestic wax palms were disappearing and appearing all over again as the fog was moving. Finally, it was gone and veiled the beauty of the Cocora Valley. Few rays of light were lighting up small valleys and hills. The Valley is situated in the Coffee Region […]

Christmas in Colombia

The Christmas atmosphere in Bogota starts just after Halloween. In all shops, you can find Christmas decorations, Christmas trees and other accessories. Shops that used to sell home decorations or even flowers change for a while their product line and will sell Christmas decorations for about two months. And Santa Claus will greet us almost […]

The best of Colombia

Colombia. Mostly known for Pablo Escobar, drugs cartels, TV series ”Narcos” and coffee. To me, it is one of the most amazing places I have ever lived. And here is the best of Colombia in my humble opinion: Colombia lays within different climate zones. The climate varies according to altitude. I call Bogota the city of eternal spring. […]

Easter in Guatemala

Flower carpets on the streets, some of them being prepared all night long are the main and beautiful attraction during Easter in Guatemala. The inhabitants from other parts of Guatemala head to the town of Antigua to witness this spectacular event. The carpets on the street are also being prepared on all Sundays during Lent. […]

Easter in Poland

There are many traditions during Easter celebrations in Poland. I can only compare them to the Spanish speaking countries I lived in whish is Spain and Colombia. I also once spent Easter in Guatemala. I absolutely loved how Easter is celebrated in Guatemala. Palm Sunday Takes place a week before easter. the Easter Palms can […]


  Valparaiso is a colourful city laying on 43 hills. As you can imagine, its visiting requires quite a stamina. We hired a car for a day in Santiago to visit Valparaiso and neighbouring Viña del Mar. Also, we stopped by at the Casablanca wineries. After entering Valparaiso, I felt as if the time had […]


What I was not expecting from Chile is that I would fall so in love with its capital – Santiago. I’m not sure what impressed me so much. Maybe how the tidy and organised the city is, maybe the lack of all day long traffic jam on the streets which is so common in most […]

Fruits in Chile

On my first day in Santiago de Chile I went straight to a supermarket to see if Chile has some new exotic fruits. For the first time I was surprised by a wide variety of exotic and delicious fruit in Colombia.  Some of the exotic fruit are not exported to Europe as they would not withstand the […]