Visiting Tikal with a kid

Tikal ruins in Guatemala with a kid

-Don’t take the stroller. The path is full of tree roots – we were told at the hotel. So we left the stroller in the hotel room and put our 16-months old traveller in a baby carrier. After 20 minutes of walk, getting deep in the jungle the path seemed to be perfect for walking with a stroller. My husband went back to the hotel to get it. As a curiosity, we weren’t the only ones visiting Tikal ruins in Guatemala with a kid.

Tikal with a kid
Tikal with a stroller

This way visiting Tikal was much easier than carrying the kid all the time. I can assure you that you can take the stroller with you. I don’t recommend climbing with it atop of the pyramids. We used to climb in turns. One of us was enjoying the views from a top of the pyramids while the other one was taking care of the stroller and the kid. We were told to take water and food since you can’t buy anything inside the park. But we found a man with a small fridge with a cold beer inside. It really made my husband happy.

It is worth waiting for the sunset atop of the Temple IV admiring how the setting sun paints the green tips of trees. They turn from green to yellow, orange and red until the sun disappears below the horizon and all becomes dark.

How to get to Tikal:

We flew from the capital of Guatemala to the town of Flores. The driver sent by our hotel picked us up. It takes about an hour to get from Flores Airport to Tikal. There are three hotels there, and we stayed in one of them. There is also camping.  Better standard hotels can be found in Flores. However, if you are staying in Flores, you miss the chance to see the sunrise from the top of the Pyramid. You can read HERE about my sunrise adventures (without the kid).

The electricity and the Internet connection is on for a couple of hours in the morning and then for a couple of hours in the afternoon. Staying in Tikal is definitely a digital detox 😉

Again, if you decide to visit Tikal with a kid don’t forget food, water and a mosquito net for the stroller. We visited Tikal in April and for some reason (luckily) there were no mosquitos.

And for all the parents here, if you don’t have anyone to take care of your kid, travel with the kid. It was our case. And it wasn’t as bad as we have thought.







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  1. I went to Guatemala last October and loved it. Your right, I hardly saw anyone there with a stroller. I guess people don’t think of it as a destination you want to bring children. Are you travelling elsewhere in Guatemala? Semuc Champey is wonderful.

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